Support Machines and Larch Networks


BDI is currently providing Business Development and Marketing Support to two emerging technology companies in Israel:  Support Machines ( and Larch Networks ( Following is a brief description of both:

 Support Machines Ltd. – Company Profile

Support Machine is an innovative company that successfully addresses one of the most painful and costly business concerns – customer support.   

Support Machines has developed an outstanding and uniquely qualified Automatic Customer Support (ACS)System that communicates with users in a human-like fashion, through open chat interface in a friendly, intuitive and result-oriented approach.  Our ACS System is suitable for ALL types of companies, from small to very large corporations providing support for hardware products, software, telecom services and web applications. These include commercial companies, telecom service providers, internet companies, health service organizations, banks, Government agencies and many others.  With proven success and a State-of-the-art technology we can help your organization reduce costs significantly, improve customers' satisfaction and increase sales notably.

Support Machines' Solution is composed of two main products:

AskIT – The front user interface that chats with end-users, answer questions, solves problems, address various requests, builds customers' profiles and offer new products/services.  AskIT "understands" basic language queries automatically learn and improve over time and can serve differently according to customer profiles.

KnowIT – The Back-office management system behind AskIT.   Used to "teach" AskIT, build custom support processes, review conversations, identify areas of insufficient knowledge, measure customers' satisfaction, display statistics, analyze performance and allow a human agent to filter and intervene in automated chats in real time.

 Support Machines uses sophisticated algorithm, Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, and Knowledge Management and Process Automation tools to create the leading ACS system that will help your company:

• Reduce Operational Costs.

• Increase Revenues

• Better understand and serve your customers

• Get measurable results

For more information, please visit: 

  Larch Networks Ltd. - Company Profile

Larch Network Ltd. is an innovative and growing company specializing in the design and development of hardware and software for embedded network systems, including network switches and routers, thin client systems and Linux gateways.   Larch Networks provide customized solutions for networking equipment manufacturers, telecom and datacom vendors and a variety of companies and customers with special applications and telecom networking needs.  In the past few years, Larch Networks has developed numerous products for its customers with unique features and very cost effective solutions.

 Larch Networks has accumulated vast experience in providing turnkey solutions for top telecom vendors, utility companies, military and various government customers.  These include switches and other specialized device with unique features and functionalities not offer by most standard products, including well-known network vendors.

 Larch Network is an exclusive developer of Ethernet switching solutions for selected Marvell Ltd. customers.  This provides us with the most up-to-date knowledge and access to Marvell's latest development, as well as to a very reputable line of customers.

Our main offering includes:

 • Best Cost/Performance and Cost/Solution value

• Advanced features and product functionality, supporting specific customers’ needs

• Fast time-to-market to meet demanding engineering schedules

• complete reference designs including board layouts, software, manufacturing diagnostic tools and full documentation

• Professional Services including analysis, customized design, on-site development, existing code porting, QA and manufacturing

 We invite you to meet with us and review some of our most recent developments.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge and vast experience and provide the best networking and telecom solutions to serve your organization.

 For more information, please visit: 


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